We are printers too…. and we understand how hard it can be (sales… that is…) We respect your film, your business and your clients. They are YOUR hard-earned customers. You can trust us in complete confidence with your film and your jobs. We are firm believers in good karma and proper business practice. We have been burned before by snakes, cheats, and people that simply get by with the art of under-cutting people that trust them.

We are not about that life, we are fair and honest people.

Richmond, Virginia – 1952 – Printed to 24″ x 12″ On Clear Piezo Water Resistent Film

We want to print your film and get paid for our services. Then we can use it to buy more ink and film so we don’t come out of pocket. Do we barter sometimes? Sure! Let’s establish a relationship and band together against the “low margain super giants” that want to swallow us whole, spit us out and replace us with self checkout lines, shopping centers and online convenience.